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Project Management has become a vital aptitude in the realm of business; for transient objectives, yet additionally long haul procedure and ceaseless improvement. 'Project In Controlled Environment (PRINCE2)' is an entrenched and generally demonstrated task the executives system. Formerly known as 'PRINCE2 2017', the structure furnishes ventures with a lot more prominent control and center, with a firm accentuation on avocation and partner fulfillment. Master all that you have to think about PRINCE2 and launch your preparation here!

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The PRINCE2® Foundation Certification preparing is intended to give you a total comprehension of the refreshed 2017 PRINCE2 system, which is around the world perceived for its training driven way to deal with venture the executives. PRINCE2 is frequently an essential for some venture the executives jobs.

What you will learn

  • PRINCE2 Methodology
  • Principles of PRINCE2
  • Working knowledge of PRINCE2
  • Tailoring and Adopting PRINCE2
  • Control and manage business
  • PRINCE2 processes
  • PRINCE2 themes


PRINCE2 Foundation is a world-recognized credential used in both the private and public sectors. Getting certified in PRINCE2 increases your ability to execute projects in a business environment, validating your skills as a senior project manager. Also, it helps you earn more than your counterparts.


  • Project Director: ($1809K - $5230K)
  • Product Owner: ( $805K - $2803K)
  • Project Manager: ($523K- $2400K)
  • Project Management Officer ( $321 - $1321K)

Companies Hiring:

  • Cisco
  • Netflix
  • Google
  • IBM
  • Amdocs
  • Amazon



Course Content

Characteristics of project management 18:22 Play
Project and product lifecycles 18:22 Play
History of PRINCE2 18:22 Play
Overview of methodology 18:22 Play
Building a business case 18:22 Play
Unique selling points 18:22 Play
Project Management structure 18:22 Play
Benefits of PRINCE2 18:22 Play
Continued business justification 18:24 Play
Learn from experience 18:24 Play
Defined roles and responsibility 18:24 Play
Overview of methodology 18:24 Play
Manage by Stages 18:24 Play
Manage by Exception 18:24 Play
Focus on products 18:24 Play
Tailor to suit the project environment 18:24 Play
Organization 18:25 Play
Change 18:25 Play
Progress 18:25 Play
Quality 18:25 Play
Risk 18:25 Play
Plans 18:25 Play
Business Case 18:25 Play
Starting a project 18:26 Play
Directing a project 18:27 Play
Initiating a project 18:27 Play
Controlling a stage 18:27 Play
Managing Stage Boundaries 18:27 Play
Managing Product Delivery 18:27 Play
Closing a Project 18:27 Play

Course Details

PRINCE2® is a structured project management method and practitioner certification program. It is best suited for aspiring Project Management professionals who are looking to understand the essentials of managing successful projects, regardless of scale & type. It provides insights into Project Management frameworks through a deep understanding of four integrated principles, elements, themes & processes of PRINCE2® that forms the curriculum of this well-structured program.

Who should take this course?

PRINCE2® is useful for anyone who aspires to become a Project Manager or has Project Management experience and desires a globally recognized credential that will lead to professional career growth and recognition. It promotes project management skills and is also a must-have for most Project Manager roles in many countries & environments

  • Project Managers
  • Project Board Members
  • Project Assurance Manager
  • Team Leads
  • Project Executives
  • Project Engineers
  • Operational and Functional Managers/Staff
  • Software Developers/ Testers
  • Any professional aspiring to be a Project Manager

What are the objectives of this course ?

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Prepare and successfully complete the PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner exams
  • Understand the PRINCE2® Project Management method in detail
  • Successfully manage projects or work in a project environment using this globally recognized Project Management method
  • Tailor your Project Management to suit the project size, scale, complexity, risk and environment
  • Use a structured proven best practice approach to Project Management

What are the pre-requisites for this course?

1. There is no prerequisite(s) for the course. However, some Project Management experience is desirable, particularly for the Practitioner level exam.

2. Note that for the Practitioner level exam, the Foundation Certificate is a pre-requisite or an equivalent certification from PMI, APM or IPMA.

Course Info.

5 weeks
2-5 Hours per week
Video Script

Training Options

Selfpaced Training

  • Lifetime access to high-quality self-paced eLearning content curated by industry experts
  • 3 simulation test papers for self-assessment
  • Lab access to practice live during sessions
  • 24x7 learner assistance and support

Live Virtual Classes

  • Online Classroom Flexi-Pass
  • Lifetime access 
  • Practice lab and projects with integrated Azure labs
  • Access to Microsoft official content aligned to examination

One on One Training

  • Customized learning delivery model (self-paced and/or instructor-led)
  • Flexible pricing options
  • Enterprise grade learning management system (LMS)
  • Enterprise dashboards for individuals and teams
  • 24x7 learner assistance and support

Exam & Certification

The PRINCE2 Foundation Level introduces the PRINCE2 method. The Foundation certification aims to confirm that you know and understand the PRINCE2 method well enough to be able to work effectively with, or as a member of, a project management team working within an environment supporting PRINCE2. The Foundation certification is also a prerequisite for the Practitioner certification.

Examination Format

  • Multiple choice questions
  • 60 questions per paper
  • 33 marks required (out of 60 available) to pass: 55%
  • One hour's (60 minutes) duration
  • Closed book.
Prince 2 Foundation


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Yes! Unlike the first version of PRINCE, PRINCE2® is designed to be generic and can be used for projects of any nature.

With over a million exams already taken globally, PRINCE2® is recognized as the world’s most popular Project Management methodology.


The PRINCE2® Project Management methodology is the de-facto standard for Project Management and is practiced worldwide. It covers the management, control, and organization of a project. A qualification in PRINCE2® will not only boost your skills and confidence when managing projects but will greatly improve your employment prospects. The majority of people that consider PRINCE2® as a qualification do so for career and personal development reasons. Often this is driven by a change of job or career, where you notice that to get to the top of the CV pile, you need to have an extra qualification like PRINCE2® (even if you have been managing Projects successfully for many years without it). In many advertised positions PRINCE2® has become a pre-requisite.


The majority of companies that implement PRINCE2® also encourage their employees to receive training and take exams. This often proves instrumental in facilitating the successful adoption and implementation of the PRINCE2® method into an organisation. By training employees to the required qualification level you ensure a consistent approach, common language and a clear understanding of the defined processes, controls, roles and responsibilities required to help facilitate successful projects.

All the instructors at Wissenhive are practitioners from the industry with minimum 10-12 yrs of relevant experience. They are subject matter experts and are trained by Wissenhive for providing an effective learning experience to the participants.

No! The exam fee is not included in the course fee.