Microsoft AZ-303 Certification Course

Microsoft AZ-303 Certification by Wissenhive master you the ins and outs of Azure (AZ-303) services by prominently focusing on Azure fundamentals and virtual networking, analyzing consumption and utilization of resources, configuring storage accounts and Virtual Machines, managing and securing Identities, serverless computing, server migrations, automation, and so on.

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Azure 303 Certification Training is an advanced course designed for professionals that helps learners in preparing for a career and acing it in the Azure Cloud Solutions Architect field. Master in controlling and running Azure resources, configuration and deployment of virtual machines & infrastructure, implementation of security & workload, giving cognitive services solutions, and developing Azure & cloud storage.

What you will learn

  • Implementation and monitoring of Azure infrastructure
  • Implementation of security and management solution
  • Implementation and management of numerous data platforms
  • Effective solution implementation for Applications


International industry expertise at your disposal as you deep-dive into the research topic and sector of your choice.

Career Options

Microsoft Azure holds a significant share in the overall public cloud market. It is a cloud provider of choice for top companies like Adobe, HP, Rolls Royce, and 3M Informatics. Getting Microsoft Azure certified helps start a promising career in the cloud computing space.

Job Roles

Annual Salary

Top Recruiters

Annual Salary

Annual Salary

Top Recruiters

Top Recruiters

Annual Salary

Annual Salary

Top Recruiters

Top Recruiters

Annual Salary

Annual Salary

Top Recruiters

Top Recruiters

Annual Salary

Annual Salary

Top Recruiters

Top Recruiters

Annual Salary

Annual Salary

Top Recruiters

Top Recruiters

Course Content

Implement and Monitor an Azure Infrastructure (7 Lectures)

Implement Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring

Implement Storage Accounts

Implement VM's for Windows and Linux

Automate Deployment and Configuration of Resources

Implement Virtual Networking

Implement Azure Active Directory

Implement and Manage Hybrid Identities

Implement Management and Security Solutions (4 Lectures)

Manage Workloads in Azure

Implement Load Balancing and Network Security

Implement and Manage Azure Governance Solutions

Manage Security for Applications

Implement Solutions for Apps (2 Lectures)

Implement An Application Infrastructure

Implement Container based Applications

Implement and Manage Data Platforms (2 Lectures)

Implement NoSQL Databases

Implement Azure SQL databases

Course Details

Wissenhive’s Azure 303 will allow individuals to enhance their skills and gain advanced knowledge in configuring, deploying templates & resources, direct monitoring. In this course, students learn about the detailed concept of Azure 303 solutions, which includes

  • In-depth understanding of Azure Active Directory and Subscriptions
  • Implementation of Virtual Networking and Machines for Linux and Windows
  • Creating and Managing storage accounts
  • Deploying Automation and configuring resources.
  • Implementation and management of Azure AD, application infrastructure, and Hybrid Identities
  • Implementing load balancing, governance solutions, and network security.
  • Deployment of container-based applications
  • Managing data platforms and security for applications

Who should take this course?

The Azure 303 Certification is ideal for IT professionals who are already working or want to make a career as a senior or professional in 

  • Azure Solutions Architect Experts
  • Azure development Experts
  • Azure administration Experts
  • DevOps Professionals
  • Azure cloud architects


There are no prerequisites for the Microsoft AZ-303, but Wissenhive recommends at least having basic knowledge of IT architecture

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Training Options


Exam & Certification

Exam Format:

Exam Name:    Microsoft Certified - Azure Solutions Architect Expert
Exam Code:    AZ-303
Exam Price:    $165 (USD)
Duration:    150 mins
Number of Questions:    40-60
Passing score:    700 / 1000

This exam measures your ability to accomplish the following technical tasks: implement and monitor an Azure infrastructure; implement management and security solutions; implement solutions for apps; and implement and manage data platforms.

  • Implement and monitor an Azure infrastructure (50-55%)
  • Implement management and security solutions (25-30%)
  • Implement solutions for apps (10-15%)
  • Implement and manage data platforms (10-15%)
Microsoft AZ-303 Certification Course

Frequently Asked Questions

The new Microsoft Certified Architect certifications have in-depth coverage of the fundamentals of Azure compared to the previous certification and are more role-oriented and industry-specific. Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies measures your ability to deploy and configure infrastructure, implement workloads and security, create and deploy apps, implement authentication and secure data, and develop for the cloud and Azure storage. Microsoft Azure Architect Design measures your ability to determine workload requirements, design for identity and security, design data platform solutions, design business continuity strategy, design for deployment, migration, and integration, and design an infrastructure strategy. AZ-303 Exam is more on implementation and management and not architecting and designing whereas AZ-304 Exam,  focuses on designing and architecting Azure solutions.

The exam consists of 40-60 multiple choice questions and is 150 minutes long.

No, there are no negative markings for the wrong answers.

The passing score for Exam AZ-303: Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies Exam is 700 points out of 1000. Microsoft has a scaled scoring system, which means that the number of answers a candidate will have to answer correctly depends on the complexity of the test and the expected skill of the audience.

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