Microsoft AZ-104 Administrator Certification Course

Microsoft Azure Administrator (AZ-104) is considered as one of the widely-acknowledged credentials all around the world. This certification helps in gaining a depth understanding of Azure securing identities, subscriptions, managing network traffic, configuring virtual networking, and so on. AZ-104 certification is ideal for professions like Azure Administrators who focus on monitoring, managing, and configuring virtual networks.

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Wissenhive’s Azure Administrator (AZ-104) Certification course is professionally designed for learning to gain a deep understanding of the whole administrative lifecycle by showing how to maintain services effectively related to storage, computing, security, and network by developing and enhancing your skills, and preparing you to ace in your AZ-104 Azure Administrator examination.

What you will learn

  • Managing Azure identities and governance 
  • Implementation and management of storage
  • Deploying and managing Azure compute resources 
  • Configuration and management of virtual networking 
  • Monitoring and backup Azure resources


International industry expertise at your disposal as you deep-dive into the research topic and sector of your choice.

Career Options

An Azure administrator often serves as part of a larger team dedicated to implementing an organization's cloud infrastructure.

Job Roles

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Annual Salary

Annual Salary

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Top Recruiters

Annual Salary

Annual Salary

Top Recruiters

Top Recruiters

Annual Salary

Annual Salary

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Top Recruiters

Annual Salary

Annual Salary

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Top Recruiters

Annual Salary

Annual Salary

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Course Content

Identity (3 Lectures)

Azure Active Directory

Users and Groups

Manage Azure Active Directory Identities

Governance and Compliance (5 Lectures)

Role-Based Access Control

Azure Policy

Role-based Access Control (RBAC)

Lab : Manage Subscriptions and RBAC

Lab : Manage Governance via Azure Policy

Azure Administration (8 Lectures)

Azure Resource Manager

Azure Portal and Cloud Shell

Azure PowerShell and CLI

ARM Templates

Lab : Manage Azure resources by Using the Azure Portal

Lab : Manage Azure resources by Using ARM Templates

Lab : Manage Azure resources by Using Azure PowerShell

Lab : Manage Azure resources by Using Azure CLI

Virtual Networking (5 Lectures)

Virtual Networks

IP Addressing

Network Security groups

Azure Firewall

Azure DNS

Intersite Connectivity (4 Lectures)

VNet Peering

VPN Gateway Connections

ExpressRoute and Virtual WAN

Lab : Implement Intersite Connectivity

Network Traffic Management (5 Lectures)

Network Routing and Endpoints

Azure Load Balancer

Azure Application Gateway

Traffic Manager

Lab : Implement Traffic Management

Azure Storage (6 Lectures)

Storage Accounts

Blob Storage

Storage Security

Azure Files and File Sync

Managing Storage

Lab : Manage Azure storage

Azure Virtual Machines (5 Lectures)

Virtual Machine Planning

Creating Virtual Machines

Virtual Machine Availability

Virtual Machine Extensions

Lab : Manage virtual machines

Serverless Computing (7 Lectures)

Azure App Service Plans

Azure App Service

Container Services

Azure Kubernetes Service

Lab : Implement Web Apps

Lab : Implement Azure Container Instances

Lab : Implement Azure Kubernetes Service

Data Protection (3 Lectures)

File and Folder Backups

Virtual Machine Backups

Lab : Implement Data Protection

Monitoring (5 Lectures)

Azure Monitor

Azure Alerts

Log Analytics

Network Watcher

Lab : Implement Monitoring

Course Details

Wissenhive’s Microsoft Azure Administrator (AZ-104) course will allow individuals to enhance their skills and gain advanced knowledge 

  • Detailed introduction of Azure 104 
  • Understanding of Azure services by using Azure portals, and CLI with numerous Service Categories
  • Identifying and accessing management
  • Features and benefits of Azure Active Directory
  • Effective management procedure of Azure AD and Azure AD groups with Powershell
  • Understanding and working with Azure Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Azure AD: Connect, Connect Health, Editions, B2B and B2C.
  • Creating management groups using UI and Powershell 
  • Governance and compliance in Azure
  • Working with Azure administrators and Azure Virtual networking in depth.
  • Introduction of interconnectivity: Vnet Peering, Gateway Transit, Service Chaining, Virtual Network Gateway, Inter-connectivity, Azure Connectivity, and Express Route.
  • Network Traffic Management: Network Routing, Load Balancer (Public, Internal, and SKU), and Traffic Manager (Priority Routing, Geographic Routing, Performance Routing, and Weighted Routing)
  • Azure Storage: Standard and Premium storage accounts with CLI and Powershell, Azure Blob Containers, Azure Storage Explorer, Uploading Blobs (Policies, Pricing, Lab Activity), Secure File Transfer, Storage Security, Authorization Options
  • Azure Virtual Machines: Azure Compute, Managing Linux Instances, Creating VM with Powershell, Creating VM with Powershell, Maintenance and Downtime, and Custom Script Extensions
  • Learning about Serverless computing, Data Protection, and Azure monitoring 

Who should take this course?

The Microsoft Azure Administration (AZ-104) is ideal for IT professionals who are already working or want to make a career as a senior or professional in 

  • Azure Administrators
  • Developers
  • Cloud Architects
  • System Administrators
  • Security Engineers
  • Network Administrators
  • Database Administrators


There are certainly no prerequisites needed for taking the Microsoft Azure Administration (AZ-104), which makes it friendly and creates a base for beginners, but Wissenhive recommends at least having:

  • Basics of Cloud Computing
  • General knowledge of IT architecture
  • Understanding of disaster recovery and resilience 
  • Basic understanding of network configuration and on-premises virtualization technologies

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Exam & Certification

This exam measures your ability to accomplish the following technical tasks: manage Azure identities and governance; implement and manage storage; deploy and manage Azure compute resources; configure and manage virtual networking, and monitor and back up Azure resources.

Microsoft AZ-104 Administrator Certification Course

Frequently Asked Questions

Microsoft AZ-104 certification exam is the updated version of the AZ-103 exam. The AZ-104 exam is a new pathway to get certified as a Microsoft Azure Administrator. The exam is designed to measure the candidate’s skills as an Azure Administrator to implement, manage, and monitor identity in a cloud environment. The certification exam is the new version with newly loaded and updated features.

There will be 40-60 questions that need completion in a time frame of 120 minutes.

To prepare for an exam the best way is to practice the skills for the exam. Get hands-on experience with the technology to successfully pass Microsoft Certification exams. However, there are associated online courses, and instructor-led courses are intended to train the skills needed to be successful in the job role, a subset of which will be assessed on the exam. To start preparing, review the “Skills measured” section of the Exam Details page and evaluate your skills against what is being assessed on the exam. Practice until you no longer experience those challenges.

Microsoft introduces innovative testing technologies and question types. Therefore, there is no space for specific item types that will appear on the exam.

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