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Java Programming language is one of the most used and most popular languages in the world of IT development. Given its properties of platform independence, object-oriented approach, reusable code and dynamic classes – Java has emerged to be the most preferred language for programmers. The cherry on the cake is that it is quite easy to learn and implement, thus making it highly favorable in the programming community. Its popularity also stems from the fact that it was built keeping Security in mind, and thus enables programmers to write code with fewer bugs, in lesser time.

Our Java programming courses cover the length and breadth of this platform-independent and object-oriented language that one can learn and implement easily for programming purposes. As the language enables faster coding with fewer bugs, it is the favourite of programmers. Our training courses can offer the expertise of Java to all who want to use it for coding on different devices.

What you will learn

  •  JUnit
  • Inheritance & Interfaces
  • Design Patterns
  • Annotations
  • Reflection
  • Lambda Expressions
  • Streams



Java is a general-purpose computer programming language that is object-oriented, concurrent and class-based and designed to have minimal dependencies when it comes to its implementation.

Individual Benefits: A Java Certification helps individuals:

  • Train for jobs in the software testing domain that rely extensively upon Java programming for their applications
  • Move up in their career in Software development and coding fields
  • Prepare to be part of the Java programming trend 
  • As per, a Java Developer in the US earns $73,336 on an average.

Organizational Benefits: Training their workforce on Java gives organizations several benefits:

  • The code is robust and guarantees integrity
  • Java does not use pointers and therefore data is secure
  • Java applet has the characteristic of offering flexibility
  • Java is object-oriented
  • It's free to use and is utilized by over 116,818 websites currently, which makes up for 1.72% of all websites

With Java being the core language with which a majority of applications are now built, Java developers are in great demand in the software industry all over the world. Certification in Java programming will definitely help software professionals distinguish themselves from non-certified individuals and move ahead in their career. Java continues to be among the top programming languages used by programmers for the development of web, desktop and mobile applications.

Java training courses are in great demand in the developer and programming community given the ease of learning for developers with a huge community to support.

Course Content

Features of Java 10:00 Play
JDK ,JRE and JVM 10:00 Play
OOPs 10:00 Play
Data types and Operators 10:00 Play
Control Flow statements 10:00 Play
Class and Objects 12:00 Play
Instance Variables and Static Variables 12:00 Play
Methods and Constructors 12:00 Play
Method Overloading 12:00 Play
Constructor Overloading 12:00 Play
Use of this keyword 12:00 Play
Varargs 12:00 Play
Varargs vs Overloading 12:00 Play
Inheritance Basics 08:00 Play
Use of super keyword 08:00 Play
Overriding 08:00 Play
Runtime Polymorphism 08:00 Play
Static variables, Static block and methods 10:00 Play
Static Import 10:00 Play
Abstract classes and methods 10:00 Play
Final classes and methods 10:00 Play
Interfaces 10:00 Play
Encapsulation 10:00 Play
Packages and Access Specifiers 10:00 Play
Regular Inner Classes 10:00 Play
Anonymous Inner Classes 10:00 Play
Exception Handling 10:00 Play
Exception and Errors 10:00 Play
Checked and UncheckedException 10:00 Play
Handling exceptions using try, catch and finally 10:00 Play
Use of throw and throws 10:00 Play
Create Custom Exceptions 10:00 Play
Introduction to Threads 08:00 Play
Thread class and Runnable Interface 08:00 Play
Thread priorities 08:00 Play
Methods of thread class 08:00 Play
Lifecycle of a thread 08:00 Play
Use of sleep(), join() method 08:00 Play
Synchronization 08:00 Play
Inter Thread Communication 08:00 Play
Wrapper Classes 10:00 Play
AutoBoxing and Unboxing 12:00 Play
Utility Classes 12:00 Play
Collection Framework 12:00 Play
Java Annotation 12:00 Play
Java Reflection API 12:00 Play
java.lang 10:00 Play
Wrapper classes 10:00 Play
Autoboxing and Unboxing 10:00 Play
Object class (equals and hashcode) 10:00 Play
Understanding toString method 10:00 Play
String, String Buffer and String Builder 10:00 Play
Conversions (string to object and vice versa) 10:00 Play
Comparable (taught after learning util framework) 10:00 Play
java.util 10:00 Play
Generics 10:00 Play
Collections Framework 10:00 Play
List, Set, Queue 10:00 Play
Map 10:00 Play
Collections and Array classes 10:00 Play
Sorting and Searching 10:00 Play
Comparator vs Comparable 10:00 Play 10:00 Play
Byte Streams and Character Streams 10:00 Play
InputStream and OutputStream 10:00 Play
Reader and Writer classes 10:00 Play
Read from and write to file/console 10:00 Play
Serialization 10:00 Play
JDBC overview 12:00 Play
Types of drivers 12:00 Play
java.sql interfaces Driver, Connection, Statement 10:00 Play
Loading a driver and establishing a connection using DriverManager 12:00 Play
Perform CRUD operations using JDBC interfaces 11:00 Play
Prepared Statement for precompiled queries 10:00 Play
Callable Statement for stored procedures 10:00 Play

Course Details

A programming world without Java is inconceivable. Widely used in the distributed environment of the internet, it is one of the most popular programming languages for Android smartphones and favoured for development of devices and software applications. The functioning of a large number of websites and applications depends on the installation of Java which is fast, secure and reliable. From data centres and laptops to gaming consoles, scientific supercomputers and the Internet, Java is widely used and implemented. Created in 1995, and owned by Oracle, the programming language offers a lot of advantages to the organizations and individuals working on it.

Programs created on Java offer portability and can run in any network. Easy to learn and simple to use, the programming language can be used on different platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, Raspberry Pi etc. The language is designed in a way that once written it does not require recompilation which saves time and money.  Java applications are compiled to “bytecode” that are capable of running on any virtual machine irrespective of the computer architecture.

Who Should Attend?


  • Application developers who want to increase their understanding of core Java
  • All those who want to understand new features of Java
  • Candidates who want to become Java programmers or web developers


There are no prerequisites as such which are required to be met in order to learn Java, but it would help to have some prior knowledge on programming language constructs.

Course Info.

40 Hours
2-3 Hours/week
Video Script

Training Options

Selfpaced Training

  • Lifetime access to high-quality self-paced eLearning content curated by industry experts
  • 3 simulation test papers for self-assessment
  • Lab access to practice live during sessions
  • 24x7 learner assistance and support

Live Virtual Classes

  • Online Classroom Flexi-Pass
  • Lifetime access 
  • Practice lab and projects with integrated Azure labs
  • Access to Microsoft official content aligned to examination

One on One Training

  • Customized learning delivery model (self-paced and/or instructor-led)
  • Flexible pricing options
  • Enterprise grade learning management system (LMS)
  • Enterprise dashboards for individuals and teams
  • 24x7 learner assistance and support

Exam & Certification

No Exam Required.

you will be required to complete a project which will be assess by our certified instructors. on successful completion of the project you will be awarded a training certificate.

Java Training


Java has wide many applications in different environments. It is the most trusted program in Android OS. These days Java Programming is also used in the design and development of IoT and edge devices. In any case, proper Java programming training is a must as varieties of Java platforms are available like Java SE, Java EE, Java for Android, etc, each of which requires intensive knowledge for the appropriate application

If you have basic knowledge on C programming then Java will be easier for you. Even if you don’t have that knowledge you need a proper Java Programming Training. Varieties of need-based Java programming courses are available with us in multiple of Java platform. Just choose one and start learning Java.