CompTIA Project+ Certification Course (PK0-004)

CompTIA Project + certificate holders have basic project management skills, communication ability, and business acumen to successfully deliver small to medium-sized projects. Advanced PMs wishing for managing large and complex IT and business projects can progress towards obtaining advanced certification as a PMP. This certification is professionally designed for providing apprentices with the skills needed to be successful project managers in a rapidly changing world.

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The CompTIA Project+ is a globally recognized certification that validates the project management knowledge and skills required of business professionals for participating in small to medium scale sized projects. The CompTIA Project+ is a vendor-neutral course that proves delegates’ business, technical and interpersonal project management knowledge to successfully manage business initiatives and projects.

What you will learn

  • Managing the life cycle of the project 
  • Manage stakeholders and resources 
  • Explaining the project management processes
  • Maintaining project documentation
  • Demonstrating the charts, formulas & theories of project management
  • Calculate float for complex project network diagrams
  • Memorize the formulas for earned value management


International industry expertise at your disposal as you deep-dive into the research topic and sector of your choice.

Career Options

PMI PMP and PRINCE2 Practitioner are methodology/framework-specific certifications intended for more advanced project management professionals overseeing larger projects. PMI CAPM and PRINCE2 Foundation are entry points to those project management methodologies/frameworks.

Job Roles

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Course Content

Lesson 1: Defining Project Management Fundamentals (4 Lectures)

Identify Project Management Basics

Describe the Project Life Cycle

Identify Organizational Influences on Project Management

Define Agile Methodology

Lesson 2: Initiating the Project (4 Lectures)

Identify the Project Selection Process

Prepare a Project SOW

Create a Project Charter

Identify Project Stakeholders

Lesson 3: Planning the Project (3 Lectures)

Identify Project Management Plan Components

Determine Stakeholder Needs

Create a Scope Statement

Lesson 4: Preparing to Develop the Project Schedule (5 Lectures)

Develop a WBS

Create an Activity List

Identify the Relationships between Activities

Identify Resources

Estimate Time

Lesson 5: Developing the Project Schedule (4 Lectures)

Develop a Project Schedule

Identify the Critical Path

Optimize the Project Schedule

Create a Schedule Baseline

Lesson 6: Planning Project Costs (3 Lectures)

Estimate Project Costs

Estimate the Cost Baseline

Reconcile Funding and Costs

Lesson 7: Planning Human Resources and Quality Management (2 Lectures)

Create a Human Resource Plan

Create a Quality Management Plan

Lesson 8: Communicating During the Project (2 Lectures)

Identify Communication Methods

Create a Communications Management Plan

Lesson 9: Planning for Risk (5 Lectures)

Create a Risk Management Plan

Identify Project Risks and Triggers

Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis

Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis

Develop a Risk Response Plan

Lesson 10: Planning Project Procurements (3 Lectures)

Collect Project Procurement Inputs

Prepare a Procurement Management Plan

Prepare Procurement Documents

Lesson 11: Planning for Change and Transitions (2 Lectures)

Develop an Integrated Change Control System

Develop a Transition Plan

Lesson 12: Executing the Project (7 Lectures)

Direct the Project Execution

Execute a Quality Assurance Plan

Assemble the Project Team

Develop the Project Team

Manage the Project Team

Distribute Project Information

Manage Stakeholder Relationships and Expectations

Lesson 13: Executing the Procurement Plan (2 Lectures)

Obtain Responses from Vendors

Select Project Vendors

Lesson 14: Monitoring and Controlling Project Performance (3 Lectures)

Monitor and Control Project Work

Manage Project Changes

Report Project Performance

Lesson 15: Monitoring and Controlling Project Constraints (4 Lectures)

Control the Project Scope

Control the Project Schedule

Control Project Costs

Manage Project Quality

Lesson 16: Monitoring and Controlling Project Risks (1 Lectures)

Monitor and Control Project Risks

Lesson 17: Monitoring and Controlling Procurements (2 Lectures)

Monitor and Control Vendors and Procurements

Handling Legal Issues

Course Details

  • How to plan and execute IT/business projects within budget and time constraints.
  • Explaining the different types of organizational structures.
  • Writing project scope documents based on approved project charters.
  • Outlining and explaining the process groups of the project life cycle.
  • Planning a complex project and developing a project schedule.
  • Utilizing a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) for organizing project planning.
  • Planning and executing communication, risk, quality, and cost management plans.
  • Coordinating human resources and project teams to maximize performance.
  • Implementing the proper change control and management procedures based on a given scenario.
  • Calculating and interpreting results of Earned Value Measurement (EVM).
  • Explaining and implementing the appropriate steps for ensuring the ideal quality of deliverables of the project.
  • Recognizing the needs of special communication of indirect and remote team members.

Who should take this course?

The CompTIA Project+ Certification Course is ideal for IT professionals who are already working or want to make a career as a senior or professional in 

  • Beginners or newbie
  • Leaders
  • Managers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Software Developers
  • Project workers
  • Senior project manager
  • Team Managers
  • Project Executives
  • Assistant/Associate Project Managers


There are certainly no prerequisites needed for taking the CompTIA Project+ Certification Course, which makes it friendly and creates a base for beginners, but Wissenhive recommends having 

  • Project management experience
  • Basic and relative knowledge of project concept

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Exam & Certification

The CompTIA Project+ examination is designed for business professionals who coordinate or manage small-to-medium-sized projects. The successful candidate will have the knowledge and skills required to:

  • Manage the project life cycle
  • Ensure appropriate communication
  • Manage resources and stakeholders
  • Maintain project documentation

Exam Details

Exam Codes: PK0-004

Exam Description: CompTIA Project+ is designed for business professionals who coordinate or manage small-to-medium-size projects, inside and outside of IT. The exam certifies the knowledge and skills required to manage the project life cycle, ensure appropriate, communication, manage resources, manage stakeholders, and maintain project documentation.

Number of Questions: Maximum of 95 questions

Type of Questions: Multiple choice questions (single and multiple responses), and drag and drops

Length of Test: 90 Minutes

Passing score: 710 (on a scale of 100-900)

Recommended Experience: At least 12 months of cumulative project management experience or equivalent education

CompTIA Project+ Certification Course (PK0-004)

Frequently Asked Questions

CompTIA Project+ is ideal for experts who require to maintain and manage smaller, less complex projects as part of their various job responsibilities but still have foundational project management knowledge and skills. Project+ is extra versatile than other certifications because it incorporates important project management concepts beyond the range of just one framework or methodology. 

The CompTIA Project+ exam is created for business professionals and experts who regulate or manage small-to-medium-sized projects. The successful candidate will have the knowledge and skills required to:

  • Manage the project life cycle
  • Ensure appropriate communication
  • Manage resources and stakeholders
  • Maintain project documentation

The CompTIA Project+ (PK0-004) exam is designed for the wide range of Project+ certification candidates, from personalities who seek entry-level project management know-how all the way up to expert project managers who want to retain skills sharp, improve organizational ranking or title, increase income or meet their organization’s policies mandating certification.

The objectives of the exam are:

  • Project basics 
  • Project constraints 
  • Communication and change management 
  • Project tools and documentation 

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