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IT Service Management or ITSM is an organizational activity that processes to plan, design, create, deliver, operate, support, and control IT (information technology) services that are offered to consumers and fulfill the enterprises’ needs.

IT Service Management industries’ main idea or concept is to deliver satisfactory IT services to the end-user to improve and strengthen customer-centric services, which become the main reason for the emergence of IT service management certification programs. IT service certification is essential, supporting a candidate’s heavy experience, expertise, and knowledge in the field.

So, here are the advantages of doing IT service management training in IT systems management which also helps in giving clear answers to IT service management interview questions

  • Improve employment opportunity in interviews
  • Provide job retention prospects
  • Retention and acquisition for the best skill sets and resources
  • Provides community involvement benefits
  • It helps in showcasing your skills and uniqueness.
  • Integrating and aligning and business and IT goals
  • Enhance knowledge about demand, asset, and knowledge Managements
  • ITSM certified candidates are known as experts because of a better understanding of requirements

A certificate helps in building your “technical identity,” and that’s why it is a crucial step to go with the right institute for IT service management certification. Wissenhive, an IT service management training platform with years of experience, aims to help a newbie or experienced candidate with our professional’s instructors to achieve certifications and go ahead in their professions.

IT Service and Architecture Certification Courses

Frequently Asked Questions

IT Service Management or ITSM is the procedure performed by a company and organization to plan, design, operate, control, support, and deliver Information technology services that offer end-to-end delivery to customers and fulfill the enterprises’ needs.

ITSM differs on IT management technology-oriented approaches like IT systems management and network management, which is characterized by focusing on consumers' needs, adopting a strategic approach for management, providing IT services to consumers, and focusing on continual improvement of services.


The ITSM certification courses are for experts looking to minimize disruption to the companies, enhance informative system processes, and deliver value to the customers. It offers a strong portfolio of experience, skills, and training after completing a certified training course that shows candidates’ best practices by comprising support center, IT governance, incident and project management, knowledge management framework, and techniques.

It covers and focuses on eight different approaches to improve services, making strategies for services, including reporting and dashboards, are

  • Service Catalog
  • Service Desk
  • Incident Management
  • Problem Management
  • Change Management
  • Project Management
  • Asset Management
  • Policy and Procedure Management

Information Technology Infrastructure Library or ITIL is a collection of detailed specific activities and practices for ITSM (Informative Technology Service Management) that concentrates on regulating or aligning IT service with business needs.

ITIL outlines procedures, processes, checklists, and tasks that are neither technology-specific nor organization-specific but can be implemented by businesses and companies towards strategies, delivery amount, and managing the least competency level. It enables and allows the company to establish a baseline to plan, measure and implement all the necessary targets and goals.


ITIL is a powerful concept that manages several services in the whole ITIL service of the lifecycle, which is mainly divided into three different categories with detailed sub-categories.

Service Operation

  • Incident Management
  • Event Management
  • Problem Management
  • Request Fulfillment Management

Service Transition

  • Change Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Service Configuration And Asset Management
  • Release And Deployment Management

Service Design

  • Service Portfolio Management
  • Service Level Management
  • Service Catalogue Management
  • Availability Management

Tools play an important role in information technology service management. Having a good grasp over modern advanced technology software can easily build a candidate’s career as expertise and skills are much more important than degrees. Here are the top 8 software that is always recommended by the industry’s biggest companies and organizations.

  • TOPdesk
  • SolarWinds Service Desk
  • ServiceNow IT Service Management
  • Jira Service Desk
  • Spiceworks Help Desk
  • SysAid
  • BMC Helix ITSM
  • Cherwell Service Management

  • Improves the whole efficiency in ITSM
  • Reduces costs in information technology operations
  • Risk-free implementation while making changes
  • Higher returns on IT investments
  • Increase accountability through standardization within business functions
  • Capability to establish repeatable, manageable, and well-defined IT processes
  • Improves effectiveness and performance of IT desk teams
  • Increase Self-Service Productivity
  • Practical study of IT-related problems to reduce repetition of incidents
  • Clear expectations on service availability and service levels

Yes, ITSM is a promising career that provides good career options to those who worked on their skills and become ITSM professionals by completing a degree or proper certification course. Here we mentioned some of the highest demanded profession in the ITSM industry, and those are

  • Security Analyst
  • Incident Manager
  • Service Transition
  • Release Manager
  • Service Level Manager
  • IT Architect
  • Configurations Manager
  • Service Operation
  • IT Operations Manager
  • Additional resources
  • Security Architect
  • Cyber Resilience Consultant
  • Service Strategy & Design
  • Change Manager
  • Service Desk Technician/Agent

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