Cloud Computing Certification Course

The modern digital revolution is floating on the wave of various types of technologies, and cloud services in cloud computing are among the most prominent ones. The logic behind the massive popularity and demand of cloud computing services is its vast utility for different businesses as it provides an efficient and economical option for storage and computing.

Due to the high requirement and demand of the growing digital trends, many professionals and IT students are opting for cloud computing certification courses to boost and increase their skill set. Let’s cover some of the advantages of cloud computing certification.

  • A requirement for Cloud Computing experts will continue to grow in the following years.

  • Open the doors for a better paying job and improve earning potential (cloud architect can earn 6 digit figures easily)

  • Secure future and get a recession-proof job

  • Better chances to beat the competition and get shortlisted in the job interview.

  • Promotes credibility, builds trust, proves your expertise with peers and employer.

  • Cloud Computing’s early adopters and innovators are always the leaders.

Many companies prefer cloud services in cloud computing because it is flexible, keeps data safe, promotes collaboration, advanced workstation, offers security, saves time, etc., which clears how cloud computing course is becoming the necessity.

Wissenhive, well-known cloud computing expert trainers, focus on building essential skills such as teaching advanced programming languages, management of the database, artificial intelligence learning, machine learning, working with multiple cloud environments, serverless architecture, and cloud computing certification to make your game stronger in the industry.

Cloud Computing Certification Courses

Frequently Asked Questions

Salary compensation earned by cloud computing experts typically varies on the companies and individual’s job profile. After completing the best cloud computing certification course, candidates can be considered mentioned companies in their priority list.

  • Apple
  • IBM
  • Amazon
  • Microsoft
  • Dell
  • VM Ware
  • Oracle
  • Michael Page
  • Aditya Birla Group

Cloud computing is becoming a modern and effective trend in the industry which comes with so many amazing and high demanded job profiles for extremely skilled individuals or job seekers who have specific years of experience or who complete proper cloud computing certification courses.

Take a look at the job profiles that are available in Cloud Computing.

  • Cloud Architect or Software architect
  • Cloud Software Engineer or Senior software engineer
  • Cloud Sales
  • Data Engineer
  • Java Developer or Senior Java Developer
  • Development operations engineer
  • Cloud Engineer or Software engineer
  • Cloud Services Developer
  • Full-stack developer
  • Cloud Systems Administrator
  • Cloud Consultant
  • Cloud System Engineer
  • Cloud Network Engineer
  • Front-end Developer and Back-end Developer

  • Increasing demand for cloud computing experts
  • Huge job opportunity or a better paying job
  • Can help in operating and increasing efficiency
  • Can optimize workforce operations and planning
  • The fastest-growing sector with technology
  • Secured job or profession option
  • Proves expertise and promotes credibility
  • Getting better chances to crack an interview and to get shortlisted

  • Programming languages (Python, Java, Go, Scala, JavaScript, Linux, NoSQL, and SQL)
  • Platform expertise (Google, Amazon, and Microsoft is a must)
  • Selecting the suitable services (Google for vendor’s products, Amazon for  infrastructure, and Microsoft for software)
  • Managing a multicultural environment 
  • Maintaining databases and networks.
  • Securing the cloud workplace and stay updated with emerging trends
  • Good communication skills
  • Automating key tasks
  • Migrating data
  • Measuring and analyzing
  • Estimating workload and cost
  • Designing distributed systems

A cloud computing specialist is an IT expert who is qualified and responsible for all cloud computing technological associated services and duties, including planning, designing, maintaining, managing, and supporting work for a business or company.

To become a Cloud computing expert, follow mentioned steps down below.

  • Enroll yourself in proper certified cloud computing certification course or training
  • Understand the basic fundamentals of cloud computing such as computer security, Networking, Computer Architecture, basics of Linux, pI, and SQL
  • Learn about Cloud service providers
  • Investing more time
  • Practical implementation such as
    1. Cloud monitoring 
    2. Application migration
    3. Load-balancing & scaling 
    4. Networks or virtual private networks
    5. Computer services
    6. Database services
    7. Storage services

The Cloud computing certification course plays a vital role in making an individual expert and skilled in the cloud computing field. It includes and covers advanced strategies to teach new learners through modern technologies. The cloud computing syllabus includes

Data Centre Concepts & footprints 

  • Introduction to cloud
  • Cloud Fundamentals

Cloud as LaaS

  • Private Cloud Environment
  • Public Cloud Environment

Setting up your Cloud 

  • Building Private Cloud with Open source tools
  • Understanding Cloud plugins
  • Setting up your Cloud environment
  • Integration of private and public Cloud

Future directions

  • Cloud scope and domain 
  • Cloud as SaaS, PaaS
  • Introduction of Cloud Computing Programming 
  • Market and trends cloud

Cloud Computing leads to the on-demand offering of various IT and computer system resources through the internet. Instead of investing, owning, and managing physical data servers and centers, an organization can access advanced technology sets such as cloud storage, computing power, and databases from a cloud service provider such as Amazon Web Services on a needed basis.

It is a popular option for the organization of every size and type. Industry and companies are using cloud services for data backup, virtual desktop, email, disaster recovery, big data analytics, customer-facing web applications software development, and software testing. 

Cloud computing is famous for cost-saving, speed and efficiency, security, increasing productivity, and enhancing performance.


The eligibility criteria to enter the cloud computing field are not that hard to achieve; individuals with a strong mindset can easily make their careers in the cloud computing industry. Let’s see the qualification that required must in this profession, and those are

  • The candidate must be a student from the science stream from recognized boards.
  • The candidate must have any one of the degrees mentioned below.

Cloud computing

Information Technology

Computer Science

  • Necessary skills required for Cloud Computing are
  • Knowledge of Database 
  • Data Centre Management
  • Programming skills
  • Systems Automation
  • Linux
  • DevOps
  • Management and Business Skills
  • Security Specialisations

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