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What is Big Data? How does it work? Job opportunities in 2021

What is Big Data? How does it work? Job opportunities in 2021

Social software and applications are widely utilized in today’s world, and industries are facing a growing volume of data almost every day. There are diverse sources such as sales transactions, social media, business processes, etc., through which data flows in a stream of continuity.

Big Data refers to collecting complex and massive volumes of data, which is divided into three different sections unstructured (like images, videos, audios, etc.), semi-structured (such as XML files), and structured (like DBMS tables) that not a single traditional data management device or mechanism can store or process efficiently. It inundated companies, organizations, or businesses on a daily basis.

However, some of the basic tenets describe Big Data in simpler ways, which are

  • Big data refers to a vast volume of data that is growing exponentially with time and technology.
  • It includes almost everything linked to data, such as data visualization, data storage, data mining, data sharing, and data analysis.
  • It is comprehensive, which includes three types of data: semi-structured, unstructured, and structured, a data framework with different tools and techniques used for processing and analyzing the data.

How does it work?

Big data’s diversity makes it complex inherently, resulting in the system's capable requirement for processing numerous semantic and structural differences. Big data uses specialized NoSQL databases for storing the data to a particular model in a way that doesn't require strict adherence.

It helps in providing the needed flexibility to analyze cohesively from different information sources to gain a proper view of what is happening, how and when to act.

When searching, processing, and verifying big data, it is classified as either analytical or operational data and then accordingly stores the data into different sections.

  • Analytical systems are more complex and sophisticated than operating systems as they are proficient in handling complex data analysis with the insights of decision-making. Analytical systems are more often integrated into the existing infrastructure and processes into maximizing the collection and utilizing of data.
  • Operational systems focus on serving the large data batches across numerous servers, which includes inputs such as customer data, inventory, and purchases or the day-to-day data within the firm. Data is everywhere; our mobile phones, software applications, credit cards, websites, records, vehicles, and the majority of things globally are competent in transmitting a massive amount of data, which is incredibly valuable.


Here, Wissenhive mentioned some of the industries in which the revolution of big data is going underway.

  • Healthcare  - Hospitals, Clinics, pharmaceutical firms, and researchers are adopting solutions for big data to advance and improve their healthcare system. With having a huge amount of population and patient data, the healthcare industry is focusing on improving their treatments, producing new drugs, operating effective research on diseases such as Alzheimer’s and cancer, and augmenting critical insights on patterns.

  • Finance - The insurance and finance industries are utilizing predictive analytics and big data for risk assessment, blockchain technology, fraud detection, brokerage services, and credit rankings. Financial industries are currently working with big data for the enhancement of their personalized financial decisions and cybersecurity efforts for their customers.
  • Agriculture - From predicting crop yields to engineering seeds with the exact accuracy, automation and big data are enhancing the farming industry rapidly. With the data influx in 20 years, data is abundantly more than many countries, food, which leads to scientists and researchers utilizing big data for tackling malnutrition and hunger situations. GODAN and other related groups are focusing on promoting unrestricted and open access to agricultural data and global nutrition that is making progress in fighting or ending the current situation of world hunger.
  • Media & Entertainment - If you have ever used any streaming platforms services such as Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Netflix, which gives you recommendations that suit your taste, this is why because the Media industry is analyzing our viewing, listening, and reading habits for building individualized experiences for their consumers.

Here are some areas where big data revolution is already underway:

  • Here are some areas where big data revolution is already underway:

  • Advertising & Marketing
  • Education
  • E-commerce & Retail
  • Sports
  • Internet of Things

Job opportunities in 2021

Big data is one of the rising technologies that provides a vast range of fields in the industry’s numerous factors with the big job opportunities. Here is the list, which covers a high-demanded career option that an individual can choose.



Minimum Salary

Average Salary

Maximum Salary


Data Scientist




Big Data Engineer




Database Administrator




Business Analyst, IT








Data Analyst








Machine Learning Engineer




Business Manager




Software Testers




IT Security Analysts




Information Architect






Top Companies Hiring Big Data Professionals

  • IBM
  • Oracle
  • Google
  • Sciencesoft
  • Teradata
  • Amazon
  • Xplenty
  • Microsoft
  • HP Enterprise
  • SAP
  • EMC
  • Splunk
  • VMware
  • Cogito
  • Alteryx

The importance of Big data in organizations, companies, or businesses is immense due to its advanced features that help organizations in making informed decisions by understanding the desires of their customers.


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