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Top 7 Hackathons That Data Scientists Should Participate In

Top 7 Hackathons That Data Scientists Should Participate In

Do your ideas and thinking also belong to the below-listed doubts? If yes, then you have reached an ideally perfect place. This article by Wissenhive, an online learning marketplace, will assist you in taking your next step in the data science field and making significant progress in an individual's career.

  • Are you confused — where do I start my Data Science Career?
  • After several years of working time given to various domains, how can I quickly dive into Machine Learning and Data Science after learning things?
  • As a fresher or student, neither having experience nor having done any projects or challenges, how do I approach Hackathons and create my applications and projects?

Before finding the right path, let’s understand what the few tips for acing Data Science Hackathons are

  • Understanding the core of the problem statement and coming up with the practical solution
  • Building your Hypothesis Set
  • Team Up
  • Feature Engineering is the Key
  • Creating a Generic Codebase
  • Ensemble (Almost) Always Wins
  • Trust Local Validation
  • Discuss! Collaborate!
  • Keep Evolving
  • Refactor your code
  • Build hindsight to improve your foresight
  • Improve iteratively


Kaggle is the largest Data Science community platform worldwide for Data Science competitions, having more than 10,00,000 registered users consisting of both experts and novices. It is a crowd-sourced platform for attracting, nurturing, training, and challenging data scientists acquired by popular search engine platform Google globally for solving data science, predictive analytics, and machine learning problems.

It allows data scientists and developers to gather and host datasets by engaging in running contests in machine learning, writing and sharing code in R, R Markdown, and Python. Over 150000 code/“kernels” have been distributed on Kaggle that covers everything from object detection to sentiment analysis.


Zindi is the 1st data science competition program platform that is in Africa with having the mission of giving governments and organizations access to world-class AI and machine learning solutions through the talented community of data scientists, engineers, scientists, academics, NGOs, companies, institutions, and governments concentrated on unlocking the most pressing problems.

From beginner to becoming master, Zindi allows data scientists to access advanced African datasets and solve African obstacles. Data scientists will gain all the tools knowledge in-depth on Zindi for competing, sharing ideas, sharpening their skills, developing their professional profiles, and finding career opportunities.

DataHack by Analytics Vidhya

Analytics Vidhya is a leading Data Science Communities & Knowledge Portals. Analytics Vidhya hackathons give learners an outstanding opportunity to be keen on enhancing their advanced digital skills like Machine learning, Artificial intelligence, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing,  Business Analytics, Big data, Data Science,  Data visualization techniques, and so on.

It was conducted for 7 Editions for helping budding data science enthusiasts and writers show their passion and talent for building a Data Science Portfolio and writing Technical Blogs. Analytics Vidhya is very versatile as it provides both Blogathons and Hackathons by offering two interesting sections Free Blog and Courses, for learning and applying your skills. Newcomers can get advantages of these sections in getting benefitted immensely.


DriveData is a popular hosting data science competition for building a better world in bringing cutting-edge predictive models to companies tackling the most challenging problems of the world. They host online challenges, where a global professional community of data scientists competes in developing the most suited machine learning and statistical models for complex predictive problems. challenges unite the Geoscience and Data communities, including leading data scientists, geoscientists, developers, and machine learning experts throughout the shared aim of innovative crowdsourcing solutions that determine and solve energy’s largest challenges.

It is a product that was launched by Studio X, a digital innovation studio reimagining the future of work in exploration. The Studio X team gives the best inputs for discovering, launching, and scaling breakthrough products that transform the energy industry, powered by Shell. Its challenges are exciting and suitable for the Beginner and Intermediate levels.

Machine Hack

MachineHack is an online learning place platform for Machine Learning apprentices, which is a brainchild of Analytics India Magazine. This media portal is dedicated to advertising and expanding the Data and Analytics community. They host business difficulties that the participants can be finding solutions to utilizing Machine Learning.


Bitgrit is an AI competition, recruiting, and networking platform which is founded in Tokyo in 2017 for data scientists where; they examine their prestigious data scientist community in developing unique data-driven solutions in optimizing AI and better integrating it across industries in today’s society. It is the place for a community with over 25,000 engineers globally.

They strive to uncover new possibilities for blockchain and AI solutions. Their mission is to develop bitgrit into a global platform that gathers data scientists and focuses on broadening the range of services that we can provide to better society and businesses.

Wissenhive gives you a clear idea of what each mentioned Hackathon platform offers and learning resources to sharpen an individual's skills. We kept this article as comprehensive as possible, but you can find some of the famous sites missing here. Let us know if you want to read about consolidated Websites individually to Find Hackathons in the upcoming blogs. Be curious, keep learning and always be willing to learn new advanced things until we meet next time!

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