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Top 10 Trending Technologies IT Professionals Should Know About

Top 10 Trending Technologies IT Professionals Should Know About


In today's era, technology is evolving at a rapid pace like never before, which enables faster progress as well as faster change that causes acceleration in the rate of change. There are countless jobs available in the IT sector, and the way trends of technology are emerging makes IT a safe place to enter for making a career.


The Information Technology industry has become one of the go-to-industry for new professionals as pupils take up certification courses based on their interest in the IT field globally. But staying up to date with the advanced, in-demand technology and the knowledge about the rapid growth of the IT industry is very important as top companies are always looking for high-level skills in their future candidates.

Here are the top 10 trending technologies and trends that IT professionals should know about. Let's dig into these high-demanded IT fields that can help you in staying relevant in such an ever-growing and self-paced industry.

  1. IoT (Internet of Things)
  2. IT support
  3. Virtual Reality
  4. Networking
  5. Mobile Application Development
  6. Cyber Security
  7. Programming
  8. Data Science and Data Analytics
  9. Cloud Computing 
  10. AI and Machine Learning

IoT (Internet of Things)

Lot is the modern technology, which focuses on creating a global network for devices and machines that are competent in exchanging and communicating data with each other through the internet. There is a major difference between the Internet and the Internet of Things. Internet of Things can create information and data about objects that are connected, analyzing them, and making the best decisions. In simple words: the Internet of Things is considered smarter than the Internet. Security sensors, vehicles, cameras, software, and buildings are examples of loT as they exchange data with each other.

Today, technology has become one of the important luxuries for individuals that are further refined via the internet of things. The requirement for software engineers is increasing rapidly for creating more efficient software, which is one of the most important and in-demanded jobs roles in the loT field for IT professionals. 

IT support

As rapidly as the IT sector grows, the demand for IT support increases itself. IT support focuses and works on ensuring the smooth operations of the numerous aspects of the IT industry.

IT support or Technical support refers to service entitles provided to the users of technology services or products. It helps regarding the particular problem with a service or product, rather than giving provision, training, or customization of the product or any other services regarding support.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has been used and popular for entertainment that is slowly adopting e-learning. Application of virtual reality includes businesses (virtual meetings such as google meet or zoom), education (military training or medical), entertainment (games or streaming platforms). Other technology of VR style includes mixed reality and augmented reality which is sometimes referred to as XR or reality.


Networking or computer networking is a practice of exchanging and transporting data between nodes over a medium. It not only comprises designs, construction, and utilizing the network, but it also covers the maintenance, management, and operation of the software, network infrastructure, and policies.

The report by Cisco (leader in wireless and networking technology) cleared that the no. of devices connected to IP networks would be triple the world’s population by 2023, which rise in demand for network administrators, and network engineers.

Mobile App Development

Mobile Application Development is a category that comes under programming, but how diverse it is becoming made us agree to give its own point in the list.

Since smartphones come into existence, the development of the mobile application has been on the rise exponentially, and it has never ended since then. As more companies are upgrading themselves with the technology and trying to get into individuals’ smartphones, the need and demand for mobile application developers will increase for developing applications.

Cyber Security

Cyber security is one of the most in-demanded IT skills, especially in a pandemic of 2020. Due to work-from-home policies and lockdowns, companies have forced themselves to rethink and prioritize the security of their IT investments and projects.

The survey conducted by International Data Corporation showed that companies globally are now focusing on and prioritizing Cyber Security skills regardless of slow growth or economic turndown. Cybersecurity is always considered a must-have for firms, companies, or organizations, no matter what the budget is or how tighter it gets. The virtual world is full of cyber or malicious attackers, which is increased a lot after lockdown.


Programming refers to a process of creating a collection of instructions that instruct a computer on how to perform the given task, which is classified into five types: Procedural, Functional, Scripting, Logic, and Object-Oriented Programming Language.

There is no doubt that jobs that come under programming will be going to decline by 7% by 2028; still, coding jobs are expected to rise more as languages like python (most in-demand programming languages), Java, C#, and Javascript are used a lot by industry professionals.

Data Science & Data Analytics

In the IT industry, Data is considered as one of the most important aspects. The data is obtained and used for analyzing the data for a better understanding of the market and industry trends. That’s why Data Analysts always remain in the highest demand as every firm need professional for gathering, storing, and managing data.

Here, Data Scientists play a crucial role in digging into the data for helping organizations to make effective and informed decisions. According to the International Data Corporation, the world will replicate over 163 Zettabytes of data that is ten times from 2016 by 2025.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing leads to the on-demand offering of various IT and computer system resources through the internet. Instead of investing, owning, and managing physical data servers and centers, an organization can access advanced technology sets such as cloud storage, computing power, and databases from a cloud service provider such as Amazon Web Services on a needed basis.

Cloud Computing helps in creating numerous revenue channels by leveraging technologies such as loT and AI. It also assists in cybersecurity, data analytics, and networking.

AI & Machine Learning

From reality to Sci-Fi movies, Artificial intelligence plays a very significant role in IT with technology development. According to the report by Statista, by 2025, the AI global market will be expected to reach 126 billion U.S dollars. Machine learning plays a vital role in understanding patterns of human behavior.

The Salary report and IT industry by Global Knowledge show that Machine Learning and AI are the weakest areas of the IT industry worldwide, which makes the rise in the demand for computer science skills. 

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