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Pandemic Can Be An Opportunity To Be Still In The Game of Corporate

Pandemic Can Be An Opportunity To Be Still In The Game of Corporate



For the youth, even before the Pandemic, the chances of getting a job were not very promising. After the outbreak of COVID-19, the dream of getting a dream job has been completely shattered, slowly over time; The situation is getting worse and challenging for them. In particular, fresh graduates who are ready to join and contribute to the workforce. There will be more uncertainty between them.


A joint report titled, “Tackling the COVID -19 youth crisis in Asia and Pacific”, issued by the International Labor Organization (ILO) and the Asian development bank (ADB), estimates,


           "In India, 41 lakh youth loss their job due to Covid-19 Pandemic, Construction and agriculture sector has witnessed the major job losses among seven key factors”. 


It also adds the young people’s employment prospects in Asia and the pacific are severely challenged due to pandemic. Youth (15-25 years) will be hit harder than adults (25 and older) in the immediate crisis and risk-bearing higher long term economic and social costs. 


As per the opinion piece by, ‘Dharanidharan’, published with, says, our pre-crisis unemployment figure was the highest in the last 45 years, the highest NPA’s were registered by Banks in the education section in terms of loans. Covid-19 has only aggravated the situation.


Now amidst this chaos for widespread loss of jobs, there is some hope left for those who have the potential to utilize this opportunity to be in the game of corporate.


The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has touched various aspects of our lives, making us isolated from society but somewhere closer to ourselves; it has given us ample amount of time to meditate on “how we can work on our professional growth”? How we can still be an important asset for the organization? And most importantly ‘what all skills and courses are in demand right now?’ Which can prove to help get a job? 


First, we need to understand, our world is slowing pacing towards Automation and Artificial intelligence, hence, less need for human resources and more reliance on Machines or technology. 


Jobs in the IT sector are on the rise right now, because of the increasing focus on technology in industries, undoubtedly, the IT / Software sector will continue to generate maximum jobs in the future.


The CEO Zairus Master said,” The Increased focus on technological deployment across industries has truly accelerated the growth of job opportunities. We are witnessing a substantial increase in jobs in domains such as IT, education, training and language, and restaurant and hotels..”


India is on a way to build its own Silicon Valley in Bangalore, where every day thousands of technology-centered startups coming up, Hence, paving a way to more jobs in the IT sector. And since, technology has become an integral part of our lives. After the pandemic, it will accommodate more unemployed youth than any other sector.


Let’s take a look at jobs that might prosper during and post the COVID-19 pandemic-


  • The Medical Profession- Medical profession has always been a lucrative and promising carrier. After this pandemic, it looks more promising. Every hospital needs trained and skilled staff. Online consultation is in demand right now. Various websites are coming up with too- the- door delivery of medicines. In short, every sector related to the medical sector is going to rise rapidly.


  • Insurance Sector- The Insurance sector will also witness growth as a lot of people will go for health insurance policies to prepare themselves in case of another pandemic.


  • Online Tutoring- Education is an evergreen sector. But with COVID-19, the emphasis is more on online teaching. Now, it is not restricted to academic subjects only. But other courses and skills like dancing, coding, photography, and many more can be learned easily.


  • Manufacturing Sector- MSMEs are badly hit by the coronavirus. But as lots of countries have decided to shift from china and move to other countries. So, if India can attract them by strengthening its manufacturing sector then definitely it will also bloom like other sectors post COVID-19. 


  • Artificial Intelligence- AI has already entered our life. From automatic machines to robots taking over our tasks is not uncommon. In fact, after the pandemic, jobs in sectors like call centers, banks, retail, human resource, etc., are affected already. It will automate existing human-centered jobs in the market. So, skills like, machine learning, robotics, etc. are going to be in huge demand.


Apart from all these mentioned sectors, corporate is moving towards freelancing and outsourcing. Skills like Content Writing, SEO, Web Designing & Development, and App Development are going to be in high demand. 


In the end, it can be concluded that to fight further Pandemic. There should be vocational training for all newly graduated youth. Small and large businesses should organize staff training programs from time to time to empower their employees. The student should focus on professional and technical oriented skills while studying. Many education consultants and organizations are offering online certification courses that are tailored to students during their education journey, corporate-wise, and providing employment opportunities. 


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