Posted on : 28 Sep, 2021, 01:38:10 PM

Is Python About to Become the Most Popular Programming Language

Is Python About to Become the Most Popular Programming Language

Python is one of the immensely popular languages that is currently drawing a lot of buzzes but isn't able to take up the top position on numerous rankings of the most popular programming languages of the world. Instead, other languages like C, Java, or Javascript tend to take number one ranking, and Python always remained at the position of runner-ups.

According to the TIOBE Index, Python occupied the third slot, making the gap closer, separating Python from Java, which is in the second rank. If Python continues maintaining the current momentum, then Python could take the number one slot leaving the C programming language behind.

Java has remained on top since 2001; Java and Python are getting close in numbers with just a gap of less than 1.3 percent. Whereas C and Java languages are always seen on the top 2 positions, which is quite shocking Python reaching position #2.

How has Python become super popular in recent years, and what makes it special? Python is a general-purpose language that is professionally designed to remain simple to write and read. The designers installed less of a conventional syntax emphasis, making it easier to work with for both developers and non-programmers.

Python Has An Active, Healthy, And Supportive Community:

Programming languages, which lack developers and documentation support, just don't go well in the long run, but Python has neither of these problems. The community of developers is incredibly active and supportive. The python community focuses on ensuring developers from all skill levels, from newcomer to experienced, always get back to find support.

Python Has Great Corporate Sponsors:

Corporate sponsors help programming languages in growth as Java has Sun, C# had Microsoft, and Facebook uses PHP programming language.

Python was adopted by Google back in 2006 by making use of it for numerous applications and platforms since then. But the main question arises why does corporate sponsor matter? Because when a company adopts any language, it is used by current and future teams to develop applications and systems. In the case of Google, they designed a vast quantity of tutorials and guides to work with Python; that undoubtedly provides free advertisement of the language as more, it contributes to a growing list of supportive tools and documentations.

Python Is Efficient And Reliable:

Python is reliable, speedy, and efficient. It delivers its best to work with and deploy processes mostly in every environment, making it quite versatile and allowing individuals to work across various domains such as desktop applications, web development, hardware, mobile applications, etc.

Python includes amazing libraries:

Libraries are professionally designed to help individuals cut down the time when they work on bigger projects during the initial development cycle. There is no wonder that Python has huge numbers of an excellent selection of libraries, everything from Django for web development to NumPy and SciPy for scientific computing to SciPy and NumPy for scientific computing.

Some of the libraries are even having a particular focus, including nltk for natural language processing and scikit-learn for machine learning applications.

Python Is Easily Accessible:

Python is incredibly easy to use and learn for beginners and newcomers, making it the most accessible programming language. Python codes are much easier and faster to execute. The young developers are stepping into this, considering it the greatest language for beginners, and professionals are already acing with this language.

Each popular programming language has its methodology. There are no puzzles behind the high climbing of Python on the board. Python has been gaining significant inroads into increasingly popular and highly specialized technology subindustries, including machine learning and data science.

Concerning technical segments, development teams and organizations realized that building in Python allows them to access a huge pool of technologist's skills. Seeing Python climbing top in the list of popular-language rankings would be interesting.  If you are willing to learn Python or are new to Python, consider heading over to, which gives beginners a handy guide.

Python has become the ruling programming language due to its advanced features, including Library Support, Simplicity, Versatility, and so on made it extensively popular. As industries using Python continue to grow with time, the demand for Python Professionals will also rise. Looking for the ideal platform to master Python Programming language? Gain hands-on expertise in the language with Wissenhive, the best online education marketplaces, and digital economy skills training platforms. We provide world-recognized certification courses through industry expert instructors. Open the door for the future. Enroll Now.

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