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How to become a Power BI Developer?

How to become a Power BI Developer?

Business intelligence is one of the most trending domains right now. Business operations are getting complex with each passing day. Thanks to the huge amount of data produced every single second. Firms are rushing towards powerful business intelligence tools to perform data analysis, data visualization to derive meaningful insights. Therefore, it is clear that there is a high demand for Power BI developers.

In this blog, we will explore this job profile further and have a basic understanding of the prerequisites of this profile with the roles and responsibilities of a Power BI developer.

The following points will be covered in this blog:

  1. What is a Power BI?
  2. Why should you aspire to become a Power BI developer?
  3. What skills do you need to become a power bi developer?
  4. What are the roles and responsibilities of a Power BI developer?
  5. What are the advantages of Power BI?
  6. What is the future and scope of a Power BI?

So, without further delay, let’s get started,

  1. What is a Power BI?

    • Power BI is a business intelligence tool, designed and developed by tech giant Microsoft, in the year 2014. The main job of this analytical tool is to provide the best visualizations of our data and help create specialized dashboards and reports and share insights. Power BI is feature-loaded and has a lot to offer.

    • Following are some of the features of Power BI

      1. Content packs- It consists of a data model, embedded queries, and dashboard reports that are used by several applications.
      2. Natural language QA- it is one of the most important features of Power BI, enables us to ask questions and answers by providing the content that suits our requirements.
      3. Custom visualization- it enables the success of the custom visualization library that helps in meeting varied needs.
      4. Print dashboard- power Bi offers this unique feature, used to print dashboards while having discussions and board meetings.
      5. Various data sources - It supports various data sources, like; structured and unstructured data, SQL Server, web files, CSV, and Excel. It creates bilateral visualizations.
  2. Why should you aspire to become a Power BI developer?

    • Power BI is one of the best business intelligence tools that has brought the much-awaited solution for the industries and transformed the way businesses used to manage. It has been crowned the best by the IT research giant Gartner.

    • In addition to this, if you browse through job portals, you will see plenty of job listings offering high salary brackets in the IT industry with an average of $117,000 per annum.

      Hence, there is a high demand for POWER BI skilled experts in almost every type of industry such as IT, Retail, Finance, Healthcare, etc.

    • Moving further with this article on How to Become a Power BI developer?

  3. What skills do you need to become a Power BI developer?

    • The following qualifications are some prerequisites for the position of Power BI developer.

      1. The candidate should know the computer science/information system or any alternative of the same. Also, one needs to have a considerable amount of work experience in the same field.
      2. Hands-on experience in data preparation, data gateway, and data warehousing projects.
      3. Knowledge about Microsoft business intelligence stack having power BI, SSAS, SSRS, SSIS.
      4. Minimum 3 yr working experience with a self-service tool, preferably Power BI or tableau.
      5. Knowledge of JavaScript, CSS, and other JavaScript libraries.
      6. Structured query language
  4. What are the roles and responsibilities of a Power BI Developer?

    • Let’s take a look at some of the most desired roles and responsibilities that one needs to perform while doing his job as a Power BI Developer.

      1. Hands-on experience in Power BI and Power Tool
      2. Knowledge about building and maintaining analysis service report models.
      3. Develop visual reports, dashboards, and KPI scorecards using Power BI desktop.
      4. Analyze various data sources and connect, import, and transform data for business intelligence.
      5. High analytical skills for translating data into informative visuals and reports.
      6. Implement row-level security on data and have an understanding of application security layer models in Power BI.
      7. Expert in creating Data Analysis Expression (DAX) queries in Power BI desktop.
      8. Must be proficient in advanced level calculations on the documentation
      9. Create methodology and project documentation
      10. Develop tabular and multidimensional models that are compatible with warehouse standards.
      11. Must be proficient in understanding business requirements and data models while taking care of the sources.
      12. Expert in prototyping, designing, and requirement analysis
      13. Should have sound knowledge of secondary tools, such as SQL Data Warehouse, Azure, Visual studio, PolyBase, etc.
      14. Adroit in integrating Power BI reports with other applications by applying embedded analytics, such as API automation or (SaaS) Power BI Service.


    • Moving on further, with this article
  5. What are the Advantages of Power BI?

    • Low upfront costs- Power BI is a subscription-based service that does not require buying licenses, support, etc.
    • Drag- and-drop functionality- It supports the drag-and-drop facility. Thus, aids end-users in creating graphical reports on the dashboard by themselves within no time.
    • Unlimited storage- It can compress large files and load them in a short period.
    • Advanced data services- Power BI tool can easily be integrated with other cloud services like Cortana/ Bot framework.


  6. What is the future and scope of the Power BI?

    • One of the important reasons, why power BI stands out amongst the BI tools is that there is a wide variety of options to choose from in terms of connectivity – starting from spreadsheets, databases, and even Big Data. Plus, you can easily access warehouses, cloud applications like Salesforce, and even connect to cloud databases such as Amazon Redshift.

    • Power BI can connect you to any data you can think about. Besides this, It is equipped with a Web data connector, used to extract API directly from the web to connect any desired data source.

    • Power BI equips business users to easily and quickly identify valuable data in their expensive Hadoop data sets. This software excludes the need for its users to know query languages. Hence, making interaction with big data more feasible for stakeholders.

  7. Famous Tech giants using The Power BI Tool

    • Since its inception, Power BI has been used intensively by many companies and organizations globally. Some of the tech giants that make use of the business intelligence tool are:

      1. Accenture
      2. Apollo
      3. Adobe
      4. Infosys
      5. HCL
      6. Microsoft
      7. Deloitte
      8. Exelon and many more.

  8. Conclusion

    • In the end, it brings us to the conclusion of this article on, “How to become a Power BI developer?” we learned about what power is, roles and responsibilities, required qualification, future of this profile, and many more in the article. We hope that this article has provided you the meaningful information.

    • If you wish to learn Power BI and build a career in data visualization or BI, then check out our certified Power BI training certification, an expert-led live training and real-life projects. This training will help you understand Power Bi in detail and help you achieve mastery.

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