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Certification That Can Turbocharge Your Cybersecurity Career

Certification That Can Turbocharge Your Cybersecurity Career

Cybersecurity is one of the leading, and highest-paid careers in the tech industry globally, presumably due to those advanced skills being cited as most in-demand by over a 3rd of IT professionals surveyed worldwide, which is not likely to change any time or near future. With that said, whether you have recently graduated, are looking at further education options, or are considering a career change, making a career in cyber security jobs offers the potential for exciting and varied experiences with high earnings.

So why should you consider cyber security for your next career move? Here, Wissenhive, the best online education marketplaces and digital economy skills training platforms, have listed a few of the key benefits that individuals can expect to witness while working in this area.

  • Salary can be strong
  • Companies need compliance
  • You can work with high profile organizations and companies
  • The global pandemic has increased threats
  • Evergreen industry
  • Excellent growth opportunities
  • Your job will always have a purpose
  • You learn transferable skills

How To Prepare Yourself To Turbocharge Your Cybersecurity Career?

To get started with cybersecurity, one must understand Cyber Security prerequisites: In general, Cyber Security prerequisites are: 

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, or in a similar field.
  • Knowledge of firewalls and various forms of endpoint security.
  • Knowledge of languages/tools such as Java, Node, C++, Python, Ruby, Go, or PowerShell is an added advantage. 
  • The ability to often work under pressure and in a fast-paced environment.
  • Possess the right eye for detail and outstanding problem-solving skills.
  • Up to date knowledge of the latest Cyber Security trends and hacker tactics.

Get Started With A Cybersecurity Certification Courses

Network Security Professional (NSE 4) Certification

NSE Certification is professionally designed by industry experts to help individuals in advancing the features that are commonly applied in a larger or complex enterprise or MSSP networks, such as transparent mode, redundant infrastructure, advanced routing, site-to-site IPsec VPN, web proxy, single sign-on (SSO), and diagnostics.

Apprentices will learn how to use basic features of FortiGate, including security profiles. In interactive labs, they will explore security fabric, dialup IPsec VPN, user authentication, and how to protect network using security profiles such as IPS, Antivirus, web filtering, application control, and more. This administration fundamental will provide learners a solid understanding of ideally implementing basic network security.

Job roles:

  • Network Engineer - $75,000
  • Network Administrator - $60,000
  • Network Technician - $50,000
  • Network Analyst - $60,000
  • Computer Technician - $42,000

Certified Information Systems Security Professional Certification Program (CISSP)

This program is one of the globally recognized certification that will help apprentices prepare for the Certified Information Systems Security Professional examination by providing the foundational knowledge required to plan and define architecture effectively for building, designing, managing, engineering, and leading an organization's security postures.

Wissenhive's CISSP certification training programs are professionally designed to cover topics in detail, including Cryptography, accessing control systems, and practicing the management of security by covering eight information system security domains. Masters in understanding security models & architecture, Cryptography, networking & telecommunications security, investigation, law & ethics, accessing control methodology and systems, and so on.

Job roles: 

  • Chief information security officer - $170,793
  • Senior security consultant - $111,250
  • IT security engineer - $100,605
  • Security administrator - $85,742
  • Information assurance analyst - $82,070

Certified Ethical Hacking

Certified Ethical Hacking course helps pupils in understanding ethical hacking, Linux basics & commands, penetration testing, network hacking, gathering sensitive information, SQL injection vulnerabilities, analyzing malware, hacking secured systems, sniffing network traffic, control Wi-Fi connections & creating a fake Wi-Fi network and discovering: vulnerabilities, emails, subdomain, unpublished directories, reflected XSS & Stored XSS vulnerabilities, and so on in detail.

Job roles: 

  • Cloud security architect - $158,536
  • Penetration tester - $104,116
  • Cybersecurity engineer - $100,636
  • Threat intelligence analyst - $90,269
  • Cyber incident analyst - $86,454

Certified Information Systems Auditor Certification (CISA)

The Wissenhive's CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor) training is a globally recognized standard that allows the apprentice the requisite skillsets for governing and controlling enterprise IT and performing an effective security audit in the organization. Gaining expertise in developing, acquiring, examining, and implementing information systems and Master in learning standards, guidelines, and best practices of protecting them.

This CISA certification course ensures a standard for appraising IT auditor skills and expertise in instituting technology controls, assessing vulnerabilities in an enterprise environment, and enhancing your understanding of the information system audit process and how to protect it adequately. This program focuses on IT General Controls (ITGCs) and Key Risk Indicators (KRIs): validation processes, testing methodology, adherence to policy, procedures, and documentation.

Job roles: 

  • IT audit manager - $122,254
  • IT project manager - $102,743
  • Information security analyst - $99,372
  • IT security engineer - $93,526
  • Compliance program manager - $92,829
  • Cybersecurity auditor - $69,083

CISM Certification Course

CISM Certification helps pupils in adequating the understanding and knowledge of the IT Security Techniques by covering end-to-end aspects of governance and security. CISM can evaluate and reconstruct the current state of information security successfully and assist with the effective solution in managing and governing the IT security professionals team.

PMP Certification Course is professionally designed for experts who are willing to acquire the requisite skills for designing, deploying, and managing security architecture for the organization. CISM certified are globally recognized professionals in IT security as it validates the experience and learning of pupils required for creating a robust data security program.

Job roles: 

  • Director of information security - $173,387
  • Data governance manager - $119,816
  • IT manager - $108,353
  • Information systems security officer - $96,568
  • Information risk consultant - $92,624

CompTIA Security + Certification Course

CompTIA Security+ Certification is a trusted training course globally that validates vendor-neutral and foundational IT security skills and knowledge. As a benchmark for being the best practices in IT security, this certification covers the baseline skills, network security, and risk management principles to pursue a career in IT security and perform core security functions.

Cybersecurity attacks are continuously growing day by day with modern technology, which leads to rising job roles that are tasked with security baseline readiness and effective strategies to address and respond to today’s threats. This program focuses on risk management, authentication & authorization, cryptography, and security on host, application, LAN, mobile, wireless, and cloud.

Job roles: 

  • Cloud engineer - $110,152
  • Security engineer - $109,863
  • Software developer - $107,597
  • Security administrator - $85,742
  • IT auditor - $78,633
  • Systems administrator - $74,086
  • Help desk manager - $70,531

CompTIA CASP+ Certification Course

CompTIA CASP+ is an advanced certification course designed for technical professionals who wanted to remain immersed in modern and upcoming technologies instead of strictly managing. It covers technical skills and knowledge required for conceptualizing, engineering, integrating, and implementing secure solutions over heterogeneous environments to maintain a resilient and flexible enterprise. 

This course focuses on five domains: risk management, technical integration of enterprise security, enterprise security architecture, research, development & collaboration, and Enterprise Security Operations.




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