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Wissenhive is an online education marketplace.

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Wissenhive is one of the world’s best online education marketplaces and digital economy skills training platforms, which provides certification courses while partnering with several leading companies in the digital era through industry expert instructors.

We are specialized in areas where best technology practices are rapidly growing by covering online training Certifications in various domains such as Data Science & Business Analytics, Project Management, DevOps, Cloud Computing, IT Service And Architecture, Big Data, Cybersecurity, Software Development, Digital marketing, and so on.

We provide 24/7 teaching assistance with a learning approach like online classes, instructor-led live virtual classrooms, and real-world projects. Our vibrant community of certified and industry expert professionals provides a robust resource pool of tips, tricks, and insightful guidance.


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The Company

DreamBig IT Solutions India Pvt Ltd, founded as consulting and Staffing company in the year 2018 in New Delhi, India. With modest beginning with just 3 employees in Jun 2018, we have reached strength of more than 45+ employees.

The Skill Gap

Being a consulting and staffing company we understand the challenge that industries are facing related to the required skills in the emerging technologies and methodologies. DreamBig is bringing industry experts under the its new venture Wissenhive.

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Wissenhive is the leading global marketplace for teaching and learning, connecting thousands of students to the skills they need to succeed.






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